About Cambridgeshire Home Care

Our values are at the heart of everything we do:

  • To provide the highest quality care and support to all
  • To show absolute compassion to all of our customers and colleagues
  • To act with complete integrity and honesty at all times
  • To offer all staff the opportunity to excel and achieve
  • To identify and support opportunities for improvement

We aim to provide personalised care to all clients and complete full Needs and Risk Assessments before care begins. Clients are provided with a contract, called a Service User Agreement, including the Complaints Procedure, as care commences.

Care by Cambridgeshire Homecare:

Field Care Supervisors

Field Care Supervisors meet with all new clients and assess what tasks and activities need to be completed in all care calls. All clients are provided with a comprehensive Care or Support Plan, which details these tasks and activities, and a copy is left in the home of each client. Care and Support Plans are reviewed with clients and stakeholders every 12 weeks to make certain that they are current and reflect the needs of the individual.

Care Co-ordinators

Care Co-ordinators will discuss the times and duration of each care call, and allocate small teams of care workers to each client, ensuring that there is continuity of care and client needs are well provided for.

Care Workers

Care Workers are fully trained to meet the needs of every individual, including mandatory courses for Health and Social Care workers, as well as specialist training and, in many cases, Higher Level Diplomas, ensuring competency and expertise.

Cambridgeshire Homecare provides:

  • person centred and individualised care to clients at all times
  • partnership working with clients, families and a range of professionals, including Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, GPs and Nurses amongst others, to provide a safe and reliable service.

As well as regular internal quality assurance events, we are also regularly audited and inspected by the Care Quality Commission and the Local Authorities with whom we work, including Cambridgeshire County Council. We have worked in partnership with other organisations too, including Skills for Care and Anglia Ruskin University to develop best practice.

For further information, please call 03303 800222 or email info@cambridgeshirehomecare.co.uk

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