Learning Disability

Every person is unique. We all have our habits, our likes and dislikes, and different things that we need, to live comfortably. Every one of those needs is individual to each person.

Cambridgeshire Homecare provides a full range of support services for people with learning disabilities and complex needs.  We support adults of all ages and can offer services including:

  • Prompts or support with personal care
  • Assistance to take medication and manage health needs
  • Support to make and attend appointments
  • Support with financial budgeting and shopping
  • Access to supported education, employment and training
  • Participation in social activities

We provide support for our clients to ensure their experience of life matches their plans and potential, and provide personalised support for clients to access services and resources and to live with greater independence.

Our team also works with professionals from other agencies such as schools, colleges, health and social workers, and voluntary agencies, to ensure that agreed outcomes are achieved.

For information about support for people with Learning Disability, please contact us.